Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Trail Bridge Update - July 2023

According to recent stakeholder group communication from the City:

The project is fully funded. Staff continues to monitor the impacts of costs and schedule trends on City capital infrastructure projects. Additionally, continued labor, supply chain and material issues result in unanticipated delays.

Design for the bridge replacement was completed in May 2023 and the construction contract will be awarded this month, July 2023. Landside preparations for the new bridge crossing are anticipated to occur for five (5) months with completion in December 2023. City staff continue to experience delays in the fabrication of bridges. Currently, due to backlogs and continued demand, bridge fabrication is running approximately 10-12 months. Therefore, it is currently anticipated bridge delivery will occur in late spring 2024. Following delivery of the new bridge steel frame, installation includes securing the bridge to the new foundation, pouring the concrete bridge deck, curing of the concrete bridge deck and other final finishes. The bridge crossing is anticipated to open summer 2024. City staff are hopeful the fabrication time may improve as the year progresses which could shorten the completion of the project.

Contact Jack.Browand@alexandriava.gov to be added to the Four Mile Run Trail Bridge Stakeholder email group. For additional information, visit the Four Mile Run Trail Bridge project webpage.