Thursday, November 24, 2022


Low-angle sunlight shimmers off the water. Hawks are coming back down from up north and up-mountain, and open sight lines into the marsh yield views of rusty blackbirds, returned from the boreal forests of their summer.

As fall turns to winter, at Thanksgiving we are especially thankful for:

The many volunteers who have removed litter, planted native plants, helped lead youth programs and community outreach, tested water quality, and kept a watchful eye on the Run and its parks. You have shared your energy and joy throughout the neighborhood.

The individual donors who make the work possible, through monthly contributions, end-of-year giving, employer matching, Amazon Smile donations, Alexandria Spring2ACTion, and Giving Tuesday. Your generosity is vital to our events, programs, and day-to-day operation.

The partners who share a commitment to nature, culture, and community at Four Mile Run. It is an honor and an inspiration to work together with you.

The grant funders/sponsors who support community stewardship and the vision for vibrant community and nature at Four Mile Run. You provide the resources that enable our most ambitious projects and build our capacity to serve in the community.

To all, happy Thanksgiving, and come see us at the Run this winter!