Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Signs of Spring

We're back! Photo: D. Howell
If you've been thinking that spring seems to be early this year, you are not alone. Ospreys have returned from their winter migration, seen Sunday fishing over Four Mile Run. With Potomac water temperature breaking into the 50's (Fahrenheit), migratory river herrings should be in the creeks any day now: first alewife, then blueback herring, then American shad. It can't be long before the serviceberry (shadbush) are in bloom. All signs of spring you can enjoy at Four Mile Run Park.

With spring come some volunteer opportunities, particularly restoration planting. Celebrate spring by helping to re-introduce Carolina willow (Salix caroliniana, also known as coastal plain willow) to the banks of Four Mile Run on March 20-21. Or join in a spring stream clean-up with Girl Scouts April 18. Details on these and other upcoming events are listed on the calendar.