Monday, April 23, 2018

Join in the City Nature Challenge!

Do you love observing nature? Share your observations as a citizen scientist!
The 2018 City Nature Challenge is a great way to get involved. From April 27-30, the DC metro area competes with more than 60 cities worldwide to observe and identify nearby nature. It’s easy to participate: take a picture of a wild plant or animal in your neighborhood, park, or school and share it with the free iNaturalist app. Even if you don’t know what it is you’ve found, the app will help you identify it.

Participate on your own or in a group outing with other nature lovers. And once you’ve learned how fun it is, you’ll be able to make and share new observations anytime, anywhere. In support of the City Nature Challenge, we are hosting several group walks in Four Mile Run Park this weekend to observe and document what is living there: frogs, bats, birds, plants, anything we can find! See our events calendar for details.

You can help document the nature that lives in Four Mile Run Park, add to a global biodiversity research, and help the Washington DC metro area win!