Below you'll find pictures of some of the wildlife of Four Mile Run Park, as captured by park visitors and our wildlife survey cameras. Click on any picture to enlarge it, and check back as we continue to add photos.

Information for each gallery photo can be found by clicking the information icon at upper right in Google Photos. Below are some of the pictures shared in the gallery, but you'll find more pictures at the link above.

Rusty Blackbirds
Lunchtime for Crow and Black-backed Gull (photo: D. Howell)
Raccoon selfie!
Oodles of Raccoons
Belted Kingfisher (photo: D. Howell)
Red Fox in the darkness...
...and Red Fox by daylight
You haven't seen a fox anywhere, have you..?
Cooper's Hawk (photo: D. Howell)
Red-tailed Hawk (photo: D. Howell)
White-tailed Deer
Great Blue Heron (photo: D. Howell)
Variegated Fritillary (photo: D. Howell)
White-tailed Deer buck (photo: D. Howell)
Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker
Cat fishing -- wild or not so wild? (photo: D. Howell)
Northern Raccoons
Cedar Waxwing (photo: D. Howell)
Gray Squirrel
White-tailed Deer (photo: C. Stover)
White-tailed Deer (photo: D. Howell)
Ducks in the restoration wetland
Can you find the one-antlered deer buck?