Monday, November 27, 2017

It's Giving Tuesday! Help us Enhance Four Mile Run Park.


Your support of the Four Mile Run Conservatory Foundation improves the park and its environs through stream clean-ups, invasive plant removal, and tree planting, and it allows us to offer activities exploring local history and nearby nature. As we continue these efforts, we are also working to improve access to water -- water fountains and bottle fillers for drinking water, as well as better access to the stream itself for recreation.
In 2017, our accomplishments have included:
  • Kick the Habit: installation of water bottle/jug fillers at the two most-used parks in Alexandria, to reduce dependence on single-use water bottles
  • Food Forest: planting 41 native fruit/nut trees in the park in partnership with TreeStewards and TD Bank
  • Clean Stream Extreme: purchase of kayaks, wading boots, and tools for more effective stream clean-ups, through grant funding from Dominion Energy
  • Trail Improvement: collaboration with the City of Alexandria on new interpretive signage and in support of the trail connector bridge

For #GivingTuesday, we ask you to contribute to the Four Mile Run Conservatory Foundation's ongoing work. With your involvement and support, each day Four Mile Run becomes cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful.
Donations made on Facebook might be doubled thanks to a grant from the Gates Foundation. Please help meet our goals:


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